Being Paid™ 2-Day Intensive Program

For Coaches and Consultants Who Want to:

- Express Their Unique Being -
- Leave a Transformational Impact -
- Be Thriving and Profitable -

Looking for an authentic way to take your coaching or consulting business to explosive heights? 

If so, this program could be one of the most important things to do in your career. 

You see, many coaches and consultants place too much attention on only becoming better at their coaching skills or consulting knowledge.

However, the fact is that this is barely half of the picture. You don't want to only be great at SERVICING your clients, you also want to be great at WINNING clients, but doing it in a way that you feel congruent and genuine.

My name is Ariya Chittasy, an internationally award winning entrepreneur and Head Coach of the BEING PAID™ PROGRAM at Engenesis. 

I'm pleased to welcome you to our upcoming programs. In my role I bring over 12 years of business experience. From having led one of the Fastest Growing Companies in the Asia Pacific to being part of the team that introduced the world's first ontological coaching and transformational assessment tool, the Being Profile® , my mission is to pass on world leading strategies to get your personal coaching or consulting business to thrive.

Who is the BEING PAID 2-Day Intensive Program for?


You've had the idea to start your own coaching or consulting business and you want to build your expertise before you launch, rather than making common mistakes.


You've already started your coaching or consulting business but are still getting your offerings together and securing your first set of clients.


You're already an experienced coach or consultant and have had success, but know there is another level of commercial success that is available.

Get Hands on and Start Growing Your Coaching Business

In a series of live, online workshops over 2 days, you will transform your business to: 

  • Attract high quality, higher end clients

  • Increase your fees

  • Lift your number of paying customers

  • Build the clarity you need for a revolutionary 2021

You already know the theory - but it’s time to put it into practice. At the 2-Day Intensive you will:

  • Participate with like-minded individuals in intensive group workshops

  • Deconstruct and re-plan your offerings, target avatars and more

  • Receive interactive, on-the-spot feedback for you to develop

If your coaching is not viable and not sustainable commercially, you cannot thrive as a coach. Are you looking forward to eliminating these as you transition into your next stage of growth?

  • Working harder than most, whilst still struggling to make a decent living

  • Having to work another job, whilst doing coaching as a side business

  • Having clients so few and far between that you’re not quite sure where your next pay check is coming from


How close are you to charging $500, $600 even $1000 per hour, and working with clients for months and months, or even years, to help them realize and materialize their visions for themselves and their organisations?

You may be far closer than you think.

Use World-Leading Strategies to 
Grow Your Coaching or Consulting Business

At Engenesis, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses to grow and scale globally

In fact, we’re called upon by Government institutions and Universities to support leaders to commercialise and expand their business capacity.

The BEING PAID™ PROGRAM is an opportunity to have this expertise directly applied to you as an individual growing your coaching or consulting business.

Why do we offer this?

Engenesis is a movement that is here to cause global transformation one success story at a time. Your work facilitating change and growth with your clients on a daily basis is a vital part of this. That is why we're all about equipping you to build authentic value and be of service to others  in a way that has you commercially thrive.

What Makes the Workshop So Special?

It’s All About the Live, Interactive Feedback

Throughout the intensive course, you’ll have access to interactive and personalised feedback throughout the workshop to make sure you get your message and coaching structure right.

  • Get instant feedback in virtual breakout rooms

  • After the 2-Day Intensive, you'll sense that you're finally doing it right

  • Feel confident about your message, market and approach

  • Leave with a plan you can action immediately


The program is run live, interactive and online via Zoom.

Day 1

9:30am - 4:30pm AEST (SYD TIME) | Thursday 24th June, 2021

Part 1: Building Your Personal Brand and Powerful Positioning

Part 2: Targeting High Priority and High Ticket Pains that Pay Well

Day 2

9:30am - 4:30pm AEST (SYD TIME) | Friday 25th June, 2021

Part 1: Pricing and Packaging for Lifestyle and Longevity

Part 2: Leading Strategies for Building Your Client Base



Linkedin Lead Generation System Workshop

Valued at $2500

Step-by-step instructions on how Linkedin has been used as an instant potential customer pool to build new client relationships and win 5-6+ figure clients.


Your Being Profile® 
Group Feedback Session 

Valued at $990

Advanced strategies use by top coaches to reliably identify highly-potent areas to coach from that make a lasting, high-impact difference.


The program is run live, interactive and online via Zoom.

Access to the 2-Day Intensive | Receive All Limited Bonuses | Total Value $3,489 

Low Monthly Payment Plan

3 Easy Monthly Payments of

$330 USD

Receive All Limited Bonuses

One Single Payment of

$990 USD

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Upcoming 2-Day Intensive Course Dates 

✦  DAY ONE  ✦ 

9:30am - 4:30pm AEST
Thursday, 24th June 2021

✦  DAY TWO ✦ 

9:30am - 4:30pm AEST
Friday, 25th June 2021

After the Being Paid™: 2-Day Intensive Program,

She's Now Charging 20x What She First Thought

And Feeling Great About It.

"BEING PAID™  helped me understand the value I am able to provide to people.

The attentive inquisition into my client’s pain points really allowed me to refine my service and price it accordingly. 

Before the course, I was attempting to build a business around tickets sales at $75 per client. Now, I’m looking at $500-$1500 per client. 

Congruence has always been a huge part of who I am and what I do, and I now recognize that I had some issues around charging for this work. 

I now know and believe whole-heartedly in the service I’m providing and would happily pay it myself. "

- Scout, Professional Relationship Coach